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All my favorite tools to help me
enjoy running my business &
live my life well. 

Favorite Tools

This is what I use in my business day in and day out!

All-in-one host for all things courses
& digital products. And they have a 14-day. free trial to get started.


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Hate your website? You won't when you use Showit. Showit makes building your website EASY!


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This is *LITERALLY* what I use to run my business. Use my exclusive code "ERINH20" to get 20% off your plan!


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Use your iPad & Apple Pencil to replace all your notebooks, planner, & to-do list. This app allows me to get the best of writing it out + the convenience of digital.


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I use Powersheets as a way to reflect & keep a high-level look at my goals each year. 

Powersheets Goal Planner

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These are my favorite giant wall calendars to see everything all at once. GAME-CHANGER!

Neuyear Wall Calendars

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This checklist lays out the 5 simple steps you need to take daily to make incremental progress on your big goals.

5 daily actions to get closer to
your goals

The 1% Checklist

Make it clear WHAT they get and WHY they should sign up!

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Freebie Two

You can use these pop ups or link directly to the freebie if it's in a blog post or different web page! 

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Freebie Three

Use these downloads to grow your biz & get more of what matters done!

Freebies for You

Asana // For project management

Libsyn // For podcast hosting 

Quickbooks // For accounting & bookkeeping

Mailerlite // For email marketing

Canva // For easy design of graphics & workbooks

Audible // For listening to books on the go

Starbucks French Roast & 8 hours of sleep // For all the energy

ALL THE tools

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